Is it Time to Buy a Central Air Conditioning System?

Is It Time to Purchase a Central Air Conditioner

In the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with mild weather. For this reason, many homeowners choose not to have a central air conditioning system.

If you don’t have a central HVAC system, however, you may be relying on inefficient window units to stay cool during the warm months of the year. Learn about the benefits of adding central air conditioning to your home.


There are many advantages to installing a central air conditioning system over window units or portable air conditioners. Still, it is important to assess your particular home to find out whether or not a central air conditioning system is right for you.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a central A/C system:


Unlike window units and portable air conditioners, a central air conditioning system provides cooling for the entire home. Since the air conditioning system works to cool the entire home at one temperature, energy consumption is much less than what you would spend to cool the entire home with multiple units.


One of the biggest benefits of a central air conditioning system is that it helps to clean the air and filter out pollutants. Since the air is constantly being circulated in your home and running through the air conditioner’s filter, your air gets constantly refreshed. This means fewer allergies, sick days, and potentially harmful microorganisms and gases.

There are many different filtration options available to you, including HEPA (high particulate air filter) for even greater air filtration. HEPA filters are used in medical facilities to keep the air as clean as possible. It may be a good option for you if anyone in the household suffers from respiratory problems.

If your home has poor indoor air quality, the best solution could be to purchase and install a central air conditioning system.

Keep in mind that in order for the air conditioning system to effectively filter your air, you will need to periodically clean or replace your air filter. Learn more about how to improve your indoor air quality on our air filtration page.


Window units don’t allow for much customization. Central air conditioning units, on the other hand, do. You can upgrade central HVAC units with better filtration, air purificationwhole-home humidificationair scrubbers, and much more.

With no added maintenance, you can add a UV light filter and air scrubbers that actually kill microorganisms in your home. Air filtration and purification systems help keep your home cleaner, prevent and reduce sickness, in addition to making it easier to breathe in your own home.


Consistent temperatures everywhere in the home are one of the most common reasons for purchasing a central A/C system. If you are tired of being uncomfortable in your own home due to inconsistent temperatures and humidity, a central air conditioning system will take care of that.

The air conditioning process naturally dehumidifies the air, and it can also be outfitted with humidification technology in order to add moisture back into the air if necessary. These are known as whole-home humidification systems and can easily be added to your central HVAC system without any added maintenance.

Window air conditioning units, on the other hand, will only be able to cool one room or small area at a time. Even if you had A/C units placed in every single room of the home, you could still have difficulty maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity.



Deciding whether or not to invest in a central air conditioning system is a big decision.

In areas like Arizona, Texas, and Florida, however, the decision is easy. You simply can’t survive in the area without a working air conditioner. While you can use window air conditioning units, they simply won’t do the trick when temperatures are frequently above 100 degrees.

In the Pacific Northwest and other coastal areas that don’t get a lot of extremely hot days, it can be easier to forego a central A/C system.

While the most common alternative to a central air conditioning system is a window or room air conditioner, there are many reasons why you may want to switch over to a central A/C system.

Here are some reasons why you may want to switch from window A/C units to a quieter and more effective central HVAC system:

  • Window units are louder
  • Window units are less efficient
  • Window units are unsightly
  • Window units should be taken down and stored for the winter
  • Window units only cool one area of the home

As the price of electricity continues to rise, it makes more and more sense to update your old central air conditioner unit and switch over from running inefficient window units.

If your electricity bills are constantly on the rise, now may be the perfect time to address the probable cause—your air conditioning unit.

For those living in cooler climates, such as Tacoma and the Puget Sound region, ask your local HVAC professional about ways you can save money with a new central air conditioning installation.

Click here to learn what you should know before buying a new air conditioning system.



Depending on the system you install, there are rebates and tax incentives for energy efficiency improvements. Incentives can come from federal, state, and local governments to help reduce the cost of A/C upgrades and replacements.

Most of these tax incentives are applied to purchases that improve your energy efficiency. Look up the tax credits that you may qualify for at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

Rebates and discounts are normally offered by manufacturers and HVAC installation companies. Speak with Pacific Heating & Cooling about rebates and other financial incentives for the Puget Sound area. There are even rebates for smart thermostats, such as $75 for qualified Nest Learning Thermostat Installations.

Learn more about replacing your air conditioning system.


If you are looking to replace or upgrade your air conditioning system, don’t let just anyone work on it. In order for your cooling system to properly cool and condition your home, it will need to be chosen, sized, and installed properly.

At Pacific Heating & Cooling, our HVAC experts can assist in any air conditioning service you may need:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless Mini-Split Units (Zoned Cooling)
  • Heat Pumps
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Variable Speed Air Handlers
  • And much more!



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