How to Beautify Your Outdoor A/C Unit | HVAC Landscaping Tips

by Pacific Heating
7/31/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Although you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would say an outdoor HVAC unit is attractive, it is also an important piece of equipment that needs its space  to run properly.Yes, your air conditioner’s condensing unit needs proper clearance in order to “breathe,” but does it have to...

What to Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner

by Pacific Heating
7/22/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Buying an affordable, dependable, and efficient air conditioner is no easy task. When you are searching for a new air conditioner, there are many different aspects of each company that you should examine before you choose one.In fact, choosing a new air conditioning system is the easy p...

Whole-House Humidification Solutions for Tacoma Homeowners

by Pacific Heating
7/15/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Excessive humidity can cause many problems for Tacoma-area homeowners. While you may not feel much personal discomfort from high moisture levels, your home could suffer building damage and develop serious health problems for its inhabitants if moisture levels are ignored.Mold and mildew...

How to Clean & Prevent Clogged Condensate Drain Line | Leaking AC

by Pacific Heating
7/3/2016 - Tacoma, WA
If your air conditioning system is leaking water, it's probably the result of a clogged A/C condensate drain line. If not, then you may have a crack in your drain pan or your clogged air filter is causing frozen evaporator coils that are leaking.How to Inspect and Clean Evaporator CoilI...

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