Prep Your Air Conditioner (for a Long Washington Summer)

by Pacific Heating
5/27/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Making sure that your central air conditioning is in top shape for the summer should be a priority every spring. It’s always a good idea to do basic maintenance on your HVAC system twice a year (before every cooling and heating season). While a furnace check is a bit more involved, the DIY steps you...

How Tacoma Homeowners Can Lose Their HVAC Warranty

by Pacific Heating
5/18/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Most people don’t bother to follow-up on the warranty information regarding their electronics and appliances. That one-year warranty on the coffee maker? Who cares? If it breaks you’ll just get a new one, right? But for more important and expensive appliances like your HVAC it is essential to follow...

Dealing with Noisy Air Vents (in your Tacoma home)

by Pacific Heating
5/12/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Do you have air vents (including supply registers, floor vents, return grilles and ceiling diffusers) in your Tacoma home that make noise every time you turn on your HVAC? It’s normal for a vent to make some kind of noise, but a particularly loud and consistent sound might indicate a problem with yo...

Water Heater Components

by Pacific Heating
5/6/2016 - Tacoma, WA
How much do you know about your tank water heater? It’s an appliance that you use every day, but rarely think about. Hot showers, hand washing, laundry, and dirty dishes all require the use of your hot water heater. Try counting how many times you turn on the hot water daily. The number...

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