Furnace Lifespans Compared to Other Heating Systems

by Pacific Heating
12/29/2017 - Tacoma, WA
When your furnace starts aging and developing strange tics and idiosyncrasies, you may start wondering how long it will be before you need to find a replacement.Your furnace works hard every winter and then sits idle for the rest of the year. It’s quite remarkable that it lasts for as l...

Introduction to Different Types of Heating Systems

by Pacific Heating
12/22/2017 - Tacoma, WA
Having a lot of options can lead to stress on the part of the consumer. A person can wonder, am I making the right choice? What brand or company should I trust? Did I pay too much? Will I be happy with my purchase in the long term?When making an important and costly decision such as buy...

How to Read an Electric and Gas Meter

by Pacific Heating
12/15/2017 - Tacoma, WA
Your electric meter keeps track of how much electricity your home uses. Your gas meter measures how much gas your home uses.By learning how to read and understand your electric and gas meters, you can track and monitor how much energy you are consuming.Actual vs Estimated Meter Readings...

Common Electrical Problems with Heat Pumps

by Pacific Heating
12/8/2017 - Tacoma, WA
A heat pump is a great alternative to other HVAC systems such as gas furnaces and boilers, providing cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. They are basically air conditioners that can reverse themselves to provide heating as well.While they are great alternatives to furnaces,...

Furnace and Boiler Retrofit Options

by Pacific Heating
12/1/2017 - Tacoma, WA
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, space heating is the largest energy expense in the average U.S. home, accounting for around 45% of energy bills. If you are looking for ways to reduce your home’s energy use, the best place to look is your heating system.Furnace and boiler ret...

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