5 Benefits of Dehumidification | How to Control High Humidity

by Pacific Heating
5/26/2017 - Tacoma, WA
When summer rolls around, the complaints about humidity increase. This is because the warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. Also, the warmer the temperature of the water, the higher the rate of evaporation.Too much moisture can damage your home and its possessions, never mind t...

Best Insulation Types for Your Home

by Pacific Heating
5/19/2017 - Tacoma, WA
If you are adding or replacing insulation in your home, it’s probably best to go with the same insulation type that is already being used. Replace fiberglass batts with fiberglass batts and so on.Still, it won’t do you any harm if you add loose fill insulation to fiberglass batts and vi...

Home Safety Checklist for Building Safety Month

by Pacific Heating
5/12/2017 - Tacoma, WA
May is National Building Safety Month. As we transition into the warmer months, it's important to be aware of some of the main hazards in and around the home, including your air conditioning and HVAC system.Home safety is our #1 priority at Pacific Heating & Cooling. Here is a home ...

How to Prevent HVAC Electrical Problems | Electrical Safety Month

by Pacific Heating
5/5/2017 - Tacoma, WA
May is National Electrical Month! Each year the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a non-profit organization committed to promoting electrical safety in our homes, schools, and businesses, puts together a national campaign to save lives and educate citizens. The theme fo...

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