Seal Your Attic and Basement to Prevent the Stack Effect

by Pacific Heating
4/27/2018 - Tacoma, WA
When looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you may have run across the term “stack effect.” The stack effect is a physics phenomenon that occurs in every single building. It refers to the vertical movement of air from areas of high pressure to low pressure.In the wi...

HVAC and IAQ Tips for Spring Allergies | Allergy Awareness Month

by Pacific Heating
4/20/2018 - Tacoma, WA
The blooming flowers of spring can be  a nightmare for those who suffer from allergies. Every spring it’s important to take extra care against indoor allergens and pollutants.Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the level of healthiness of the air you breathe inside your home. Clean air and clean lungs keep ...

THE CLUB | What Does Your HVAC Maintenance Plan Cover?

by Pacific Heating
4/13/2018 - Tacoma, WA
The easiest (and cheapest) way to keep up with bi-annual HVAC maintenance is by signing up for The Club. Our team will contact you to schedule 2 visits — one heating tune-up in the fall and one air conditioning tune-up in spring. These bi-annual tune-ups are essential for maintaining ma...

Window & Shading Strategies for Keeping Cool

by Pacific Heating
4/6/2018 - Tacoma, WA
It can quickly get expensive to run the air conditioner day in and day out during the warmer months. But by utilizing intelligent window and shading strategies and techniques, you can keep cool without the full cost.Cool Shading Strategies for SpringAir conditioning bill too high? Want ...

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