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by Pacific Heating
9/15/2017 - Tacoma, WA

Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It? | The ClubWith everybody leading busy lives, including yourself, you know how hard it is to remember to set up important appointments. From dentist appointments to car and HVAC tune-ups, neglecting regular maintenance almost always leads to more expensive costs down the road.

Are HVAC Maintenance Plan Worth It?

The short answer is yes! Just like your car and teeth, prevention is better than a cure when it comes to HVAC systems. While you may have had someone tell you that regular HVAC maintenance isn’t worth it, that person definitely isn’t an HVAC technician.

Anyone who knows anything about heating, cooling, and ventilation systems knows that they are complicated pieces of equipment that require a similar amount of preventative maintenance as your car. It makes sense to take care of the largest and most expensive energy user in your home.

As Albert Einstein once said, “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” Or, if you prefer Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The Club

That's why we try to incentivize homeowners to sign up for our The Club which takes that responsibility clear off your plate. Our HVAC Maintenance Plan not only guarantees you 2 annual service visits for your HVAC system, but you’ll also get extra perks, such as priority service and exclusive deals and discounts on service.

It’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t sign up for one these plans. The energy savings you get back in one year far exceeds the money you spend on the maintenance plan. This doesn’t even take into consideration all of the indoor air quality and comfort improvements. Not to mention the reduced risk of breakdowns and repairs.

Additionally, you’ll develop a personal relationship with your technician, who will get to know your system inside and out. If you are sick of a different technician having to gain familiarity with your system and then providing you with different recommendations than the technician before them, then you’ll want the close relationship that come with a home maintenance plan membership.

Whenever you are dealing with complicated pieces of machinery, whether it is our bodies or mechanical systems like our cars and HVAC systems, preventative maintenance really is worth the money.

The easiest and smartest way to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running at peak performance and as energy efficient as possible to by signing up for a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans


1. Extend the lifespans of your equipment

If you never took your vehicle in for tune-ups and oil changes, it wouldn’t be too long before the whole system fails on you. Just like with cars, regular HVAC tune-ups will extend life expectancy.

While you can schedule HVAC maintenance appointments on your own (ideally, a heating tune-up in the fall and an air conditioning tune-up in the spring), it’s incredibly easy to forget this important maintenance check-up. It’s not exactly on our list of priorities.

HVAC maintenance plans are also a lot cheaper than if you were to schedule two different appointments. Not only do you save money, but you automate these appointments, ensuring that you never forget again.

Regular tune-ups in the fall and spring will make sure that your HVAC system operates at peak performance throughout the year with no surprise breakdowns. Small problems will be caught before they turn into larger emergencies. This saves time, money, comfort, and frustration.

2. Keep your system running at optimum levels

Your professional HVAC technician will inspect everything that has to do with providing conditioned air to your home, including ductwork, thermostat, and ventilation systems.

Moving parts will be lubricated, filters will be changes, and electrical components will be tightened and checked.

Here are just some of the things that will be accomplished during your annual HVAC tune-ups:

  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clean and adjust burner assembly
  • Clean ignition and heat exchanger assembly
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris (outdoor unit)
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Clear condensate drain line
  • Test refrigeratnt operating pressures
  • Inspect and test capacitors
  • Inspect indoor coils
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect motor and fan blade
  • Inspect ductwork for energy inefficiencies
  • Inspect compressor volt draw and wiring connections
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Test safety controls
  • Recommend best practices and more!

Learn more about regular air conditioning and furnace maintenance.

3. Discounts, warranties, priority service, and other savings

While we can’t vouch for other HVAC companies, we provide many extra benefits in addition to the regular bi-annual tune-ups you’ll enjoy. This includes priority treatment, which saves you from waiting for service on the busiest days of the year when the hot or cold weather causes your HVAC system to fail.

Additional benefits include repair warranties, loyalty credits, no after-hours fee, and 15% off on all services. As a club member, you will be our top priority when it comes to service and repair calls.

These additional benefits by themselves are well worth the cost of the program.

What are HVAC Maintenance Plans?

HVAC and home maintenance plans vary from company to company. They are agreements between the customer and the HVAC service providers where the company provides regular tune-ups for your heating and cooling systems in exchange for a yearly fee.

At the very least, the plan will include 2 tune-ups per year, one for your air conditioning system and one for your heating system. Sometimes, additional services are included, such as priority service and lower prices for parts and repairs.

Here’s what you can expect from Pacific Heating & Cooling’s The Club:

  • Automatically Scheduled Tune-Ups
  • 15% Discounts on Services
  • 5-Year Warranty on Repairs
  • Priority Service
  • Loyalty Credits
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fee
  • No After-Hours Fee
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Regardless of if you have a HVAC maintenance plan, it’s important to schedule your heating tune-up as soon as possible before the temperatures drops and you start calling on your heating system.

furnace and air conditioning maintenance tune-up (precision heating and cooling service)

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