Spring Allergy Tips | How to Improve Air Quality at Home

by Pacific Heating
4/1/2016 - Tacoma, WA

Spring Allergy Tips

While the spring in Tacoma brings with it great weather and gorgeous greenery, it also brings a wide array of allergens to the long-suffering masses. When trees begin to bloom and pollen begins to inundate the air, many begin their seasonal ritual of medication, home remedies and air purifying products.

According to WebMD, 58 million Americans deal with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) every year. This number doesn’t even take into account the millions more affected by other types of allergies from grass, mold spores and other common allergens.

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce your allergy symptoms in and around your home. We’ve complied a short list of spring allergy tips for you to consider:

  • Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance – A clean HVAC system can help greatly reduce the amount of allergens coming into your home. It is recommended to change out the filter and have the unit thoroughly cleaned before you switch it on.


  • Shower After Going Outside – It is always a good idea to take a shower after working in the yard or even taking a short walk outside. Some people have a delayed reaction to allergens and may not feel anything during their time outside. Allergens can infiltrate the clothing, hair and skin, so a shower and a change of clothes can help keep the symptoms at bay.


  • Be Smart About Travel – Try to keep inside during dry, windy days which are ideal for allergens to travel. The best time to enjoy a spring walk is after a heavy rain, which helps to clear allergens (especially pollen) from the air.


  • Fresh Air Window – Allergen levels are highest in the morning and in the evening. If you want to open the windows to get some fresh air, late morning and early afternoon is the best “window” of time to do so.


  • Run the A/C – Instead of opening the windows, try running the air conditioning when it begins to get a little warm inside your home. Regardless of when you open your windows, if it is allergy season there are bound to be allergens in the air. Keep the windows shut and let the A/C or HVAC cool the air with that new filter you bought.


  • Wear a Pollen Mask – Check the pollen forecast for the day. When there is a high alert issued and you must step outside, consider wearing a pollen mask. These are essential for people who do a lot of yard and garden work.


  • Whole House Air Cleaning – If your allergies are exceptionally bad during the spring, a whole house air cleaning system can help. An air filtering system connects to your HVAC ductwork and constantly works to increase the overall air quality in your home. These systems treat the entire house, while a portable unit will only help with one room.

Following a few of these spring allergy tips will go a long way in decreasing the number of allergens in your home – and your seasonal suffering. You can also contact us, the indoor air quality experts, for options on purifying your indoor air. Call us at 253-292-3995 and we’ll schedule an assessment!

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