“Unromantic” Gift Ideas for Your Valentine and Home

by Pacific Heating
2/10/2017 - Tacoma, WA
Valentine’s Day is just days away and you’re left scrambling to find a way to express your love and affection. Will a card do? What about a card, flowers, or chocolate?Unfortunately, while little tokens of your love are certainly appreciated, the real gift you have to give is your time ...

10 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality (and Wellbeing)

by Pacific Heating
2/17/2016 - Tacoma, WA
Following these indoor air quality (IAQ) tips won't necessarily stop your allergies or sickness, but they will certainly help. To improve the health and comfort in your home, there are three main strategies for improving indoor air quality: Source Control Improved Ventilation Air cleaners Unfo...

Allergies? Flu? Give the Gift of Clean Air with Air Scrubber Plus

by Pacific Heating
12/18/2015 - Tacoma, WA
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means that in order to truly experience the joyousness and various festivities of the holiday season, you’ve got to feel your best. The last thing you want is to be coughing and sneezing – especially if you’re taking on the role of Santa for the kids o...

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