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AC Repair in Tacoma, WA

Also Serving Puyallup and Federal Way

Cool Down with Pacific Heating & Cooling!

Pacific Heating & Cooling Quality Cooling Repair ServicesDoes it seem like your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home evenly? Or is it taking inconveniently long to cool down your home? You may need specialized A/C repair or maintenance services.

Especially if you’re entering the summer months without a functioning air conditioner, it’s time for certified installation and repair services from Pacific Heating & Cooling. We’re passionate about air conditioners and our community. We’ve been keeping homeowners cool in the Greater Tacoma Area since 1984.

Ready to Repair

When an air conditioning system is properly taken care of, it will enjoy a longer lifespan. Regardless of thorough preventative maintenance, minor repairs will pop up over the years. Don’t let these small A/C repairs build up or you could be looking at a much more costly full system replacement.

If your system is acting up, call a professional at Pacific Heating & Cooling to diagnose and complete the necessary A/C repair. A minor fix may be all it needs! But never assume that inconsistent airflow or fluctuating temperatures will fix themselves, because this is what leads to early system failure!

Still not sure if you need repair services? Ask yourself these A/C questions:

  • Is it reaching the end of its lifespan? — Most all A/C units have a lifespan of about ten years. If your home has an older unit, it’s no surprise then that it might need frequent repairs. If these repairs are really adding up, or becoming more and more complicated to eradicate, Pacific Heating & Cooling can walk you through replacement service options that won’t break the bank!
  • Are the temperatures uneven and uncomfortable? — When an A/C unit is unable to perform its main duty (cooling you down!) then there’s definitely a repair issue at hand. Thankfully, Pacific technicians are experts at all things A/C, and can instantly diagnose and repair any issue. After nearly 30 years, our team has really seen it all!
  • Do you hear strange noises? — Another more obvious repair warning is when you’re A/C gets noisy! If you hear pings, bangs, or any other noise you can’t pinpoint, chances are you’re A/C is letting you know (not-so subtly!) that it needs some technician TLC. A/C systems should never become a loud, annoying houseguest!

We may not have installed your A/C unit, but we can fix it! The Pacific Team can fix any system, as we’re up to date on all the latest HVAC technologies and energy saving alternatives. If you need a local, professional A/C repair technician in a pinch, Pacific Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 Emergency Services and a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Give us a call, and we’re on our way!

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area Since 1984!

For expert A/C repair and installation services, call Pacific Heating & Cooling at 253.292.3995 day or night!