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Energy-Saving Tips for the Holidays

by vscontent on December 24, 2015

Some of the best Christmas gifts are of the practical nature – like smoke and CO detectors, air cleaners, surge protectors, and fire extinguishers. This holiday season, whether you are thinking of yourself or somebody else, consider giving the gift of lower energy bills!

energy-saving tips for the holidays

4 Energy-Saving Tips for the Holidays

Amidst all the holiday bustle, don’t forget about your energy-saving efforts. You could just recoup some of your holiday expenses.

1. Replace Incandescents with LEDs

LEDs (light-emitting diode) lights and holiday lights are much more energy-efficient and long-lasting than traditional incandescent lights. Compare the costs of three different types of holiday lights:


*Assumes an electricity price of 10.5 cents per kilowatt hour (

2. Be an Energy-Efficient Cook

There are many cooking and kitchen tips that you could follow in order save money on your food costs and energy bills. Here are a couple of the most effective ways to save money in the kitchen during the holidays:

  • Don’t use your oven to heat the home. Nor only could you risk carbon monoxide poisoning, but it is also a lot less energy-efficient than your furnace or space heater.
  • Try not to open the oven door to peak on the food. If you have an oven light and a clear door or window, check on your food that way. Every time you open the door, you will lower the inside temperature by about 25 degrees, which increases your cooking times and wastes energy.
  • Clean your oven and stovetop before cooking. Believe it or not, a dirty oven or stovetop will actually cost you extra by being less energy-efficient than a clean surface.
  • Consider purchasing flat-bottomed pots and pans instead of the warped ones. This will improve heat conductivity and increase your stovetop’s energy efficiency.
  • Clean the coils on the back of your refrigerator, but remember to unplug first. Keep the temperature inside your refrigerator between 35 and 38 degrees.
  • Turn your thermostat down when you are cooking and hosting. The extra heat from the kitchen and your guests will compensate for the lower thermostat setting.

3. Buy Energy-Efficient Gifts

Whether for your own household or another, energy-efficient products are great gifts that keep on giving. When buying electronics for your friends and loved ones, consider purchasing ENERGY STAR labeled electronics. Other energy-efficient gift ideas include:

Rechargeable batteries and charger and LED and CFL lights are not what many people would be expecting, but they make great stocking stuffers, especially for the person that always complains about buying batteries and paying utility bills.

Another great gifts that doubles as an experience is the offer to help someone complete a DIY energy audit, caulk and insulate windows, install insulation, or insulate pipes and water heaters. These are jobs aren’t exactly hard to do, but they require significant time and effort. Blast some Christmas music and start working. Every time they get their energy bill, they’ll think of you!

4. Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

A great gift for you or someone else is to sign up for a maintenance plan with your local HVAC company. This will ensure that you get the maintenance check-ups you need to keep your HVAC warranties valid. It will also make sure that your heating and cooling system is running safely and efficiently all year long.

Don’t forget to change your air filters! You should check your HVAC air filter every 30 days and wait no longer than 90 days to replace it. This is not only an energy-saving tip, but an indoor air quality tip as well. It’s arguably the best thing a homeowner can do for their HVAC system.

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