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Heat Pump Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement for Your Tacoma-Lakewood Area Home

Are you looking for a more efficient way to heat and cool your home throughout the year?  Then consider the benefits of an air-source heat pump. You standard air compression-based air conditioner already uses a heat pump to remove heat from your home. By reversing the process, you can heat your home during the winter as well.

Heat Pumps Move Warm Air Into Warm Rooms

Heat Pump installation, maintenance, and repair services by Pacific Heating CoolingThe standard heat pump has one job: Collect warm air from a cold room and move it into a warmer room. During the summer, this means gathering warm air in your home and pushing it outside, similar to how your refrigerator works. This keeps your home cooler during the summer. In the winter, the process switches to pull heat from outside and place it into the home.

Using the physical properties of a refrigerant to heat a home uses less energy than a standard electrical heating element or a fuel-based furnace. Some heat pumps can even be designed to warm water within the home and heat the home as a radiator instead of a forced air system.

Air Conditioning in Reverse

You’re already well aware of how effective an air conditioner is at cooling a home during the summer. The principle is simple enough, pull the remaining warm air out of a room and push it outside. But the air inside your house is never below freezing. What happens when it is freezing outside? How does the heat pump extract heat from below-0 temperatures?

If you’re worried about how effective your heat pump is at heating your home when the outside weather drops below freezing, then don’t be. Heat pumps can effectively heat your home in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Additionally, heat pumps include an emergency electric heating coil. If the outdoor temperature does drop to below the heat pump’s level of operation, that heating coil will activate to help heat the home.

Heat Pump Options

Still, when temperatures do dip below freezing, your heat pump becomes less efficient. In order to get the best of both electric air-source heat pumps and a gas furnace, consider investing in a Hybrid Heating System. Your Hybrid Heating system automatically switches from your heat pump to your furnace and back again depending on the temperature outside and other factors. Hybrid Systems maximize the heating efficiency of your units.

Ductless heat pumps are another option for you. While regular heat pumps and furnaces use ductwork to distribute warm air in the winter, ductless heat pumps are installed in different zones of your home and function without any ducting whatsoever. Ductless heat pumps allow you greater control over setting different temperatures for different parts of your home (HVAC “zoning”) and can be installed as additions to your current heating and cooling system.

Heat pumps should always be installed by a professional service technician. Pacific Heating & Cooling is always willing to help you with your heat pump when it comes to installation, maintenance, or repair. When you call for one of our technicians, you get the experience and the tools necessary for the highest and most effective quality service around.

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