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Dual Fuel Heating with Heat Pumps

Pacific Air repairs, maintains, and installs hybrid heating systems such as heat pumpsLooking into fuel-saving alternatives for your home? Want a system that automatically adjusts to changing climates? Take a look at Hybrid Heating from Pacific Heating & Cooling.

If the traditional heating and cooling system just isn’t meeting your family’s needs, consider Hybrid Heating. Dual Fuel or Hybrid Heating is a combination of a traditional heating system, such as a gas furnace, with an electric heat pump. Heat pumps function as a heater in the winter and transition to an air conditioner in the summer.

Hybrid heating allows for the system to automatically adjust to highs and lows in temperature throughout seasonal changes. These systems are especially useful in areas and climates where the temperature fluctuates drastically without warning. Just like your local HVAC professionals at Pacific Heating & Cooling, Hybrid Heating is always prepared.

Adaptable & Automatic

Things to know about Hybrid Heating:

  • Year-Round Efficiency — Hybrid Heating offers the best of both worlds. Its innovative mix of a gas furnace and electric heat pump makes this system adaptable and affordable. Your gas bill will reflect its modern capability.
  • Automatic Performance — No need to program this system. Whether working to heat or cool your home, you’ll experience seamless transitions adaptable to any climate.
  • Proper Sizing — As with any heating system, it’s important that your new Hybrid Heating system is properly sized for your home. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t be able to keep your home at its most comfortable temperature. Improper sizing also leads to extra wear and tear due to overworking the system.

When you hire Pacific Heating & Cooling for a professional Hybrid Heating installation, our HVAC experts will make sure the system is perfectly sized and properly installed!

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Call Pacific Heating & Cooling at 253.292.3995 and ask about Hybrid Heating and heating and cooling alternatives!