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How to Host a Winning Super Bowl Party | Party Planning Tips

by vscontent on January 27, 2017

how to host a super bowl party

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and over 150 million will be tuned in. Whether your team wins or not, savor the sweet taste of victory by learning how to throw a winning Super Bowl party. The best offense is a good defense!

If you are throwing a viewing party, we trust that you have all the personality and grace to be a hospitable host. Unfortunately, you may be missing some details in order to be the best host you can be. Here’s a little guide on what you can do before and during a party to make it awesome and accident-free.

Getting Things Ready for the Party:

Clean the house

You know you should take out the trash, wipe down counters, and vacuum the floors, but here are some things you may be forgetting:


  • Designate an area of the home to store people’s bags and coats. If you can clear out enough closet space and provide hangers, that’s ideal. You can also lay them down on a bed.
  • Whatever your theme, make sure all of your festive decorations are out beforehand.
  • When decorating, think cozy, cheer, relaxation, and nostalgia. Good lighting is critical.
  • Get a music playlist going. Try not to use any free playlists from Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, etc. that will have ads interspersed between the songs. Either choose an ad-free version or make your own.
  • If you haven’t removed your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations, what are you waiting for? The focus should be on the Super Bowl.
  • Make your home smell fresh by natural means. Click here for organic ways to deodorize your home. Click here for professional indoor air quality solutions.


  • Make sure there is enough toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • Make sure the waste basket is empty.
  • Consider putting up a sign instructing guests to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Everything else should go in the trash.
  • If you have any items in your medicine cabinet that you wouldn’t like your guests to access or see (prescription medicines for instance), then hide them in a safe place before the party.
  • Leave a working plunger by the toilet.
  • Consider placing arrow signs throughout your home directing guests to the proper bathroom. If you have rooms and bathrooms that are to remain off-limits, the put signs on those doors (“Do Not Enter”).


  • Run the dishwasher and make sure all of the dishes you need for the party are clean.
  • Take care of as much food prep as you can before the party.
  • Inspect and clean your garbage disposal.

One of the biggest risks you run when throwing your party is damage to your plumbing system. In addition to toilet troubles, garbage disposal problems are also high on the list of party mishaps. In order to prevent garbage disposal clogs and other problems, have only one or two people in charge of the garbage disposal.

To help avoid guests from using the disposal, we recommend using paper plates and other disposable utensils. This way, everything simply gets thrown away in the trash.

When Guests Start Arriving:

  • Greet all of your guests as they come in the door and introduce your friends and loved ones.
  • Give kisses, hugs, and handshakes before offering to take their coats and bags.
  • If you have a lot of guests coming over, consider placing a sign on the closet or bedroom door that will serve as your coat room. If it is impractical to greet every single guest that comes in the door, put a sign on the front door inviting your guests to come in. You may also want some arrow signs pointing to the bathroom.
  • After the bags and coats have been put away, introduce your new guests to the other people at your party. You can help break the ice by bringing up a topic that you know they’d both be interested in discussing. For example, “Hi, John. I’d like you to meet Shannon. Shannon, John is also studying for the bar exam.”

During the Party:

  • Be a good host by offering to refill someone’s plate or glass if it is empty.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and try to protect your guests from awkward, boring, or cliquey situations. Look for anyone that doesn’t seem to be enjoying themselves and figure out a way to get them involved. If you have a lot of guests that have never met, consider a game/ice-breaker to get them talking and out of their funk. Click here for some party game ideas.
  • You can help draw someone out of a group discretely by asking for their help in the kitchen or another part of the home. “Hey, Paul. You want to help me get some more drinks out of the garage?”
  • If someone is standing around by his or herself, help them feel welcome by bringing them under your wings. They can either help you with hosting the party, or you can find a sly way to introduce them and their interests to a group that would respond well.
  • Try to spend at least a little bit of time with each and every guest.
  • It’s hard to combine host responsibilities with a happy-go-lucky vibe, but it can be done. Don’t act stressed out or that you’re trying too hard. Don’t keep telling people you are sorry, asking them if they are enjoying themselves, or if they need another drink. If you are a nervous ball of energy, it will get picked up and reflected back at you by your guests. Be the energy you wish to have at the party.
  • Be the gracious host who subtly handles situations and laughs through spills and other mishaps. Don’t drink too much and don’t have too much of a good time. Most “emergencies” can be dealt with after everyone has left.
  • If someone is indulging in a few too many drinks, take them aside and ask them if they are alright. The art of subtlety definitely plays an important role here. Ask them if they would like a drink of water, if they have a safe ride home. Offer to call them a cab and NEVER let anyone drive home drunk.

When Guests Start Leaving:

  • Say goodnight as your guests leave and walk them to the door. Don’t bring up any new subjects that could delay the departure for an extra 30 minutes. Make sure they have retrieved their possessions, such as phones, coats, and bags.
  • Most people can pick up the social cues when it is time to go home, but others need a stronger nudge. You can try mentioning that the dog needs to be walked before bed or that you have something tomorrow and need some energy.

The Heat Is On!

Last but not least, you want to make sure you have a working heater during the big game. Nobody want so to wear scarves and jackets inside, so make sure you have done some basic HVAC maintenance before the party.

Winter HVAC maintenance includes:

  • Replacing the furnace filter.
  • Testing the heating system and thermostat.
  • Clearing away all vents and registers.
  • Inspecting the pilot light for a healthy blue flame.
  • Making sure HVAC vent pipes are venting properly.
  • Inspecting your outdoor heat pump and clearing away debris if necessary (always maintain a 2-foot radius).
  • Reverse direction of ceiling fans so warm air is pulled downward (the black switch is located on the base of the ceiling fan).

We recommend turning the thermostat down to around 62-66° if you’re throwing a party. All of the laughing, dancing, drinking, and eating will add a significant amount of heat to the home.

Whether your favored team wins or not, at least you’ll have a winning party! Happy Super Bowl!

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