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How Tacoma Homeowners Can Lose Their HVAC Warranty

by vscontent on May 18, 2016

How Tacoma Homeowners Can Void Their HVAC Warranty

Most people don’t bother to follow-up on the warranty information regarding their electronics and appliances. That one-year warranty on the coffee maker? Who cares? If it breaks you’ll just get a new one, right? But for more important and expensive appliances like your HVAC it is essential to follow up on the warranty.

It’s not enough to simply fill out the information and send it in – you need to follow the requirements to the letter. Why? Because it’s possible to void the manufacturer’s warranty on your new system. Your warranty ensures that all the components of your unit are covered in case of defects, but certain specifications apply. It’s always good practice to read over your warranty information thoroughly so there are no surprises.

Here is a list of ways a new HVAC owner can ensure they don’t inadvertently void their warranty: 

  • Register the Warranty – Most manufacturers require that you register your warranty within a specific time frame after the purchase. You can usually do this online, though some manufacturers still require a form sent through U.S. mail. Some installation companies will even perform this task for you. Though it is generally the last thing a buyer wants to think about after a purchase, warranty follow-through  is one the most important.
  • Make Sure that the HVAC is Installed Properly – Most HVAC warranties stipulate that only a licensed contractor can install the unit. An HIC (Home Improvement Contractor Certification) doesn’t always meet this requirement. Check to make sure that the contractor is a licensed, bonded and insured mechanical and electrical contractor.
  • Get Annual Maintenance – Most warranties require that you schedule annual maintenance on your unit in order for them to cover any replacement parts. Annual maintenance is essential for any HVAC system, and the easiest way to void a warranty is to neglect this component. Maintenance will ensure that your system continues to run at maximum capacity for years to come – and will keep your warranty valid.
  • Make Sure You Always Use Authorized Replacement Parts – Cheap parts that you find online – or that a contractor offers to use are a good way to void your contract. Components that are from a different manufacturer might compromise or even corrupt the unit. Always contact a licensed contractor to order authorized parts from the manufacturer.
  • Save All of Your HVAC Related Receipts – Keep all of the paperwork regarding the installation, service and repairs of your HVAC. Any purchase or service call regarding the system should be kept on the records. The manufacturer will want to see all maintenance receipts in case anything happens to the unit.

Make sure that you keep your HVAC warranty active by reading the entire document, filing out the paperwork promptly – and following the requirements. This will ensure a long and hassle-free life for your new unit. If you ever have any questions about your current HVAC warranty – or are looking into getting a new unit, call us today at 253-292-3995 to set up an appointment.


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