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Thanksgiving Cooking & Fire Safety from Pacific Air Systems

by vscontent on November 18, 2016

cooking and fire safety tips for thanksgiving and holidaysDuring the holidays, the kitchen truly becomes the heart of the home, but don’t forget that the heat is on! You are three times more likely to have a house fire on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year!

It’s important to prepare for the possibility of accidents, especially when there are more people and increased activity in the home. Protect your home, your kids, and your meals with these Thanksgiving Safety Tips.

Thanksgiving Cooking & Fire Safety

1. Kids in the Kitchen

If possible, keep the kids out of the kitchen. We know they want to help, but often just the opposite occurs. While anything is cooking, it’s important your food have a babysitter.

Set up games and activities for children and extended family to engage with while in the other room. Be sure that if the oven is on, you’re by its side. Of course, you should never leave the home empty when you are cooking. If for some reason you need to leave the house, an adult should stay behind to watch the turkey.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, unattended cooking was the leading cause of cooking fires in the home. U.S. fire departments report an approximate 1,700 fires nationally every year on Thanksgiving. Not to mention the thousands of home and cooking fire related injuries!

When children are in the kitchen, be mindful of hot liquids and sharp utensils. Children often love to get involved in the holiday cooking, mixing ingredients and acting as an official taste tester. Plan ahead, and designate kid-friendly cooking activities in safe kitchen zones. Never let younger family members use knives or help with boiling foods, steaming vegetables, or searing gravy and coffee.

Watch this video for more cooking safety tips:

2. Clear the Floors

In other rooms of the house, depending on the age range of your family members, cleanliness and organization are key. When there are jackets and purses and shoes lying around a room, a trip or fall is more likely to occur. This can be especially detrimental for young and elderly loved ones.

Organize an area for coats and belongings before your guests arrive. That way it will be clear where everyone should set down their things during their stay.

As part of clearing your floors in the most populated rooms, such as the dining and living rooms, be mindful of electrical cords and other technology plug-ins, like phone and computer cords. These kinds of things are easily tripped on, and routinely are! Imagining the worst scenarios and preparing for them, may seem a bit overboard, but nothing is more important than the safety and happiness of your family members.

While you are cleaning, make sure no vents or registers are blocked.

3. Candles & Décor

Candles are excellent décor for any holiday meal. In fact, any table would seem incomplete without them. Candles require fire safety, as they are a frequent cause of unexpected house fires.

Never leave children playing in a room unattended where there is a lit candle. Also, make sure you place candles in an unobtrusive place on the dining table, so that people are not reaching over the flame in order to pass food items, potentially burning their skin or lighting loose fabric on fire.

Matches and utility lighters are also likely to be left around the house without thinking about the potential dangers to small guests. Anything related to fire should be secured in a drawer or up high and out of reach. Consider using flameless candles instead.

Watch this video for more candle safety tips:

4. Smoke Detectors

Before engaging in any holiday cooking, check your smoke detectors! They will be your biggest protection against potential fires. By simply pushing the “test” button, you’ll be able to relax a bit. Now, let’s just hope if the alarm goes off, it’s because you accidentally overcooked something, and not because there is a fire emergency.

Learn more smoke alarm and CO detector safety tips here.

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Watch this video for more Thanksgiving Safety Tips:

With these Thanksgiving fire and safety tips, you’ll be sure to make it through the holiday exhausted, but full and unharmed. It can be a lot of responsibility to host a holiday meal, but you’ll be the hosts with the most by putting in place activities and safety guards for your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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