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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easy with Pacific Heating & Cooling!

Clean Air from Pacific Heating CoolingWho doesn’t want to be breathing clean, healthy air inside their home? It should be of concern to many homeowners that the air we breathe indoors is often more contaminated than the air outdoors. Why is this true? When air circulates, so do many contaminants and allergens, such as dust and pollen. Poor indoor air quality is also caused by a lack of proper ventilation or inefficient airflow.

When gases and allergens are present in our air, it gets sucked into our lungs, often causing feelings of prolonged sickness or sensitivity to allergens. This discomfort and health hazard should not be present in our homes! The home should be where the heart is, not carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

Clean Air Solutions

Humidifiers. Cleaners. Purifiers.

When you call Pacific Heating & Cooling for expert indoor air quality services, we begin with a full home diagnosis. Once the major gases, pollutants, and allergens have been identified, we then work together to determine the best solution. The goal is always to achieve the freshest, cleanest air possible for our clients’ families.

There are multiple options for improving indoor air quality over time, including humidifiers, air cleaners, and air purifiers. The Pacific Heating & Cooling Team is qualified and prepared to install the perfect purification system for your home.


Help out that dry skin and sooth those breathing issues with a whole home humidifier from Pacific Heating & Cooling. In very dry climates, and during chilly winter months, your heating system can dry out the air in your home. A humidifier will help ease the symptom of chapped lips, respiratory conditions, and even dry sinuses.

Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

When faced with unhealthy levels of pollutants inside your home, air cleaners and purifiers are the most common way to go. Air cleaners and air purifiers operate by removing any dust, odors, pollen, and smoke from the air in your home. They are usually installed somewhere in your home’s ductwork or air handling system, and as the air passes through the system, nearly all common types of contaminants are removed.

Air Scrubbers!

There are a variety of different air cleaners on the market today that are designed to eliminate indoor air pollutants, including dust, dirt, pollen, smoke, and mold spores. Installing, maintaining, and repairing these systems requires an expert, and the experts at Pacific Heating & Cooling have just the skills you’re looking for.

Air Scrubber Plus® by Activtek Environmental is proven to remove 99.9% of mold, cigarette smoke, and disease-causing bacteria so you can bring the cleaning power of nature into your home. Learn how Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology can help you keep your home clean and healthy for you family.

Simply turn on your furnace, fan, or air conditioner and the Air Scrubber Plus® purifies your air, reduces odors, and gets rid of harmful indoor air contaminants that could be making you sick. Air Scrubber Plus® is not only great for your health and respiratory system, it also extends the lifespan of your HVAC system and reduces the need for expensive repairs.

To improve your indoor air, consider upgrading your air filtration system. Installing a higher efficiency air filtration system requires professional modification of your HVAC system. Call Pacific Heating & Cooling to professionally sterilize the air in your home.

Pacific Heating & Cooling technicians are licensed and bonded and understand how to match the right type of cleaners and purifiers to resolve the specific air quality issues you have in your home. We also provide maintenance and repairs to ensure they perform at optimum levels over the long term.

If you’re seeking cleaner home air and a purer way of life, contact the indoor air quality experts at Pacific Heating & Cooling. Don’t forget to ask about our special air purification product, Air Scrubber!

We’ll diagnose and purify with specific solutions for your home’s individual air cleaning needs. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that the air you breathe is assisting in healthfulness for as long as you live in your home.

Interested in Indoor Air Quality solutions? Call Pacific & Heating Cooling 24/7 at 253.292.3995 to ask about our services.

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